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Pipi-Lotta Kulla

Pipi-Lotta Kulla is an Estonian creative photographer who has been based in the UK since 2014. 
Graduate of BA Fine Art with History of Art (International) – Specialization in Analogue Photography – (1st Class Hons. at University of Leeds). 

Ongoing work based in London and the Isle of Wight.

Kulla’s work focuses on the tensions that arise when attempting to reconcile the societal worth of solitary experience with that of collective experience.
She also explores the relationship between her urban life in England and her ‘isolated’ rural roots in Estonia. Her images show everyday scenes but call for more attention through their sensitivity and quietness, as Kulla asks for the viewer to rethink daily stimuli and how it affects us.

Her work allows for brings out an unconscious familiarity with the scenes she sets, even if one has never seen it before, almost as if Kulla is helping unlock a deep-set forgotten memory.

For contact, inquiries and commercial requests please use the form on the contact page.
You can also find her at https://newbloodart.com/artist/pipi-lotta-kulla.

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